Source Code Repository


Source Code Repository

Source Code Repository is added to the model as seperate entity without any attributes. Also in the specification this entity is not further defined besides as a relation of Software Project. Wouldn't it be better to add it as an attribute to Software Project, data type URL.


p.18: Keyword: word of phrase to describe the Release ==> word(s) or phrase to describe the Release




Conceptual Model


Fri, 29/06/2012 - 08:51

Thanks for your suggestion, Michiel.

Because we reuse DOAP in the RDF Schema - admssw:SoftwareProject will sublcass the doap:Project class - the relationship with source code (doap:repository) is already implicitly provided.  Moreover, there is no use case (search for software) that explicitly justifies this metadata. It might be better to leave this out...

Proposal: remove the relationship 'source code repository' and class 'Source Code Repository' .

Fri, 29/06/2012 - 13:03

The relationship 'source code repository' and class 'Source Code Repository' have been removed in v1.00. 

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