Opening Hours does not belong in Period Of Time


Currently, the opening hours of a Public Service or a Channel are specified using a Period Of Time entity. The opening hours relation does belong on this entity, since it does not make sense that a period of time defines opening hours.

I believe the opening hours were added after this issue, where there was a need to specify opening hours in a certain period. For this, the OpeningHoursSpecification seem like a better fit. Note that this is still a topic of discussion on aswell.






Fri, 11/11/2016 - 12:02

Thanks Dieter,


Yes, I can see that openingHours is better moved to be an attribute of the channel. The openingHoursSpecification, however, looks very complicated. So my proposal is:

- move openingHours to Channel

- seek WG feedback on preference for either or

Mon, 14/11/2016 - 12:55

Regarding the choice between openingHours and OpeningHoursSpecification: The former is indeed simpler, but is very limited in what it can convey. OpeningHoursSpecification adds time periods to the opening hours (Eg: during January, February there are different openinghours).

Wed, 16/11/2016 - 06:31

As discussed over on the CPOV issue list, this isn't straightforward (as you've highlighted). There's the usual tension between simplicity and expressiveness. We'll need to discuss this in the telcos this week. 

Thu, 17/11/2016 - 21:34

Ok to remove openinghours from periodOfTime. But about the remaing properties (startdate and enddate) it says in the specs:


> 3.12.2. Start date and end date [0..1]

The start data and end date properties represents the start and end of the period that the Public Service is available or active.  There is a degree of flexibility in the way they are used. If the value is a complete date then that indicates a specific date and should by typed using the well-known xsd:date which is conformant to ISO8601. However, if a service is only available for certain periods of the year then the values can be numeric representations of the month (the MM part of an ISO8601 date) typed as xsd:gMonth. For example, to state that a public service is available between April and September the value of startDate would be 04 and endDate 09.  A start date may be given without an end date, indicating that the public service/channel is ongoing.   The "open during winter" use of start and end date sounds still like opening hours to me, or opening months to be more correct. Maybe "active" (the period in which the service actually existed) and "available" (the period in which the service is available for use) are two different things.

Fri, 25/11/2016 - 20:44

We're not making use of schema:Service and schema:ServiceChannel, tempting though that is. The modelling at is not really compatible with what we have and, as a general principle, we'll use only where it fits (the schema:Service class is as much designed for commerical services as public ones


We can use some of's constructs through where they suit us and openingHours on a cpsv:Channel makes sense. In line with the CPOV (and's modelling of opening hours and OpeningHoursSpecification) we can use openingHours to give the general availability for a channel and hoursAvailable -> OpeningHouseSpecification to provide exceptions that can include things like closed on Public Holidays, closed October -> March.


It is recognised that this uses properties on classes that are not classes from that vocabulary.



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