INSPIRE code lists / taxonomies for service type

Published on: 28/03/2013

INSPIRE code lists that can be relevant to the Public Service CV:

  1. Code list from theme "Utility and Governmental Services" describing service types. The code list is available in the technical guidelines [1], Section, pages 84-8.
  2. The code list from the metadata regulation is specifically focussed on geospatial services, so it can be used to describe a specific (not only) public service type. The code list is available in the relevant [2], Part D, Sections 3 and 4.

The proposal is to include code list (1) as one of the suggested / recommended code lists to denote the type of a service. Code list (2) could be referred to as an EU-wide classification of geospatial services (which may be also public services).







Fri, 29/03/2013 - 11:48

Thanks for your feedback Andrea. 

We have included [1] as a recommended code list for public service types. 

The second one however is quite domain specific and also includes services that do not fall under the public service definition of CPSV. We therefore decided not to include it. 

Fri, 17/04/2015 - 00:34
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