Core Public Service WG Virtual Meeting 2012.12.19

This document contains the agenda and meeting minutes of the Core Public Service Virtual Meeting of 19 December 2012.


Wednesday 19 December 2012, 16:00-17:30 CET (UTC+1) (world clock)


  • European Commission: Vassilios Peristeras
  • Meeting Chair: Nikos Loutas 
  • Core Public Service Task Force chair:
  • Scribe: Saky Kourtidis

  • Editor: Phil Archer

Core Public Service

Agenda Item Owner Subject

New Member welcome

2 Nikos Minutes of previous meeting
3 Nikos Scope/definition of a service. See Outsource issuePaul's question
4 Phil

Concept Models. See:

v02 and the ensuing discussion, plus Phil's reply

 v03 (Nikos)

Paul Davidson's comments

5 Nikos Actions ahead of next meeting (9 Jan)

Meeting Minutes

Date File Status Comments
2012-12-21 2nd Virtual Meeting Minutes For review Meeting minutes to be reviewed by the WG



Type of document
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