IM6 - Extend recommendations on provenance and add examples




  • [1] As far as meta/data provenance is concerned, DCAT-AP includes specific recommendations on catalogue records and data publishers. For any other provenance information, only generic guidelines are provided.
  • [2] The current DCAT-AP spec recommends the use of the W3C Provenance Ontology (PROV-O) to specify provenance information not supported in DCAT-AP. However, this does not ensure interoperability, since the same provenance information can be expressed in different ways in PROV-O. For this reason, it would be desirable to include examples / best practices of the use of PROV-O, addressing use cases from stakeholders. One of the possible use cases is described in the reference specification of the INSPIRE profile of DCAT-AP, and it concerns how to specify roles of individuals and organisations wrt to the dataset (in DCAT-AP the only two supported roles are publisher and contact point). Another use case is illustrated in Issue JRC.8.3

Proposed solution

  • [1] Extend recommendations to other selected types of provenance information, having a particular relevance for data publishers and data users / consumers.
  • [2] Add examples of the use of PROV-O to specify provenance, addressing use cases from stakeholders.






Wed, 22/04/2015 - 22:09

Out of scope for revision of the specification. May be considered for future activity.

Mon, 27/04/2015 - 17:07

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