Registers operated by OP's MDR and DCAT-AP


The current DCAT-AP draft already recommends the use of a few of the registers operated by the Publications Office.

In some cases, however, the recommendation is to use registers operated by organisations that are not official EU bodies or institutions. For instance, for IANA MIME media types, the recommendation is to use the service at , since no equivalent register is operated by the Publication Office.

I wonder whether our colleagues from the Publication Office can provide the DCAT-AP WG with some feedback about the possibility of setting up specific registers or extending existing ones, if need be. For instance, referring to the example above, the Publication Office operates a register of "file types" [1], which includes just a subset of IANA MIME media types. Could this register be extended accordingly by the Publication Office?









Mon, 22/04/2013 - 19:14

Tue, 23/04/2013 - 12:23

Dear Andrea,

We maintain indeed a so-called authority table with file types ( in the Metadata Registry. So far this table contains the basic file types we need in the data exchange between the institutions involved in the legislative decision making process and in the production and dissemination systems of the Publications Office. As with all authority tables, this table evolves over time and additional concepts can be registered. We have for instance received a request from the ODP team to add csv which surprisingly was missing.

We are open to suggestions for the creation and maintenance of other tables.

Kind regards,

Willem van Gemert

Wed, 01/05/2013 - 09:35

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