Section 5 does not define "minimal".

easy fix. (v 0.09)






Mon, 15/04/2013 - 18:08


The proposed resolution is to add the following text to section 8:

Mandatory information is intended to allow the receiver of data to provide the best service; however, the sender may not always be able to provide the information for a particular mandatory property (e.g. a dataset might not have a dcat:landingPage which is proposed to be mandatory in the current draft)

Minimal information describes the level of information below which exchange does not make sense (e.g. if a data set has no dct:description, the receiver would not be able to show its users what the dataset is about)

Tue, 16/04/2013 - 12:00

Just a little semantic remark: reading the proposed resolution I understand you're referring to the minimum set of data necessary to the exchange to be meaningful.

If this is so then the label would be "Minimum information" (which could be viewed as somehow objective).

Otherwise, if we refer to the "barely adequate" set of data (which is a subjective criterion or a convention) then the label would be correct.

Visit this URL for a clear disambiguation between "minimal" and "minimum":…

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Wed, 17/04/2013 - 09:39

Good point. Will change the heading.

Fri, 26/04/2013 - 08:51

This issue has been superseded by the changed approach in Draft 2 to distinguish mandatory, recommended and optional properties. There is no mention of minimum/minimal properties anymore.

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