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EuroCris (Brigitte Joerg, Valerie Brasse, Nikos Houssos, Keith Jeffery, Jan Dvorak, and Miguel-Angel Sicilia) contributed the following: 

Section 3.1

Some other features could be included in the scenario, such as subscriptions / alerts and recommendations.






Wed, 17/04/2013 - 06:54

Proposed resolution: add the following user scenario


Katarzyna works as a journalist for a news paper in the Czech Republic and wants to be informed of updates and new datasets related to government spending in her country and neighbouring countries. She has set up the following:

  • Subscriptions: On her preferred data portal, Katarzyna subscribes to existing public spending datasets of the Czech, Hungarian, and Slovak national governments. She is receives an e-mail notification whenever a new distribution is known to be available for these datasets.
  • Recommendation: On her preferred data portal, Katarzyna indicates that she is interested in datasets related to government spending in her region and neighbouring countries. Whenever a new dataset is known to be available, the system sends her an e-mail notification based on her preset preferences. 

Fri, 26/04/2013 - 08:41

This is included in Draft 2 (section 3.6).

Fri, 26/04/2013 - 12:38

Just to note that the availability of a catalogue also as a Web feed may address the main issues raised in this use case.

This would be just a particular case of a feature giving the catalogue the ability to return the results of a query in different formats (e.g., HTML, Atom, RSS, JSON, RDF).

If query results are returned as an Atom/RSS feed, end users may subscribe to it, and be notified whenever a new entry is available or an old one is updated.

Fri, 26/04/2013 - 17:44

The described use-case can be widened to fulfill discovery and serendipity:

Pierre has made a search on datasets related to pollution levels in France.

In his weekly recommendations emails, he now receives a list of "datasets that may interest you":

-datasets in France: xxx

-datasets about pollution: xxx

-datasets [with any "similar" property to the ones of the searched for and/or previously downloaded datasets]

=> this requires that the properties on which "similarity" is checked are included in the DCAT AP (Dataset.SpatialCoverage, Dataset.Theme in the previous example)

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