DCAT-AP use analysis

Report on DCAT-AP use

The purpose of this report is to provide input to the DCAT-AP working group about the use of DCAT-AP. Complementary to the National Extensions Analysis, in which the DCAT-AP models of national portals were analysed, it will serve as a basis for discussing the future development of the specification.

The aim is to generate insights in the use of DCAT-AP classes, properties and controlled vocabularies. If community members deem it necessary, they can discuss the findings or submit change requests via GitHub. Change requests will be managed under the change management processes described in the Change and Release Management Policy for DCAT-AP.

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Report on DCAT-AP use

This report contains:

  • a description of the methodology;
  • the analysis of the use of DCAT-AP classes and properties
  • the analysis of the controlled vocabularies
  • a discussion of the results and findings
  • Links and descriptions to the supporting documents below.

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Spreadsheet with the SPARQL query results from the European Data Portal This spreadsheet contains the extract of the SPARQL query results on the 10 October 2017 and the script used to semi-automate the query and extraction of the results.

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Spreadsheet on the controlled vocabularies used in DCAT-AP This spreadsheet contains a list of the controlled vocabularies used in DCAT-AP with descriptions of the properties, and a note about the usage intended of the vocabulary.

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