About ELI annotation tool

The ELI annotation tool is a tool for building notices describing legal resources using the European Legislation Identifier (http://www.eurlex.europa.eu/eli/) (ELI) standard.

The notices describe several standard legal entities (legal resources, legal expressions and formats) using standard properties. The values of some of these properties are constrained using controlled vocabularies described with the SKOS standard (https://www.w3.org/2004/02/skos/)).

The notices can be created for three different types of resources: acts, official journals and consolidations.

For each of these types, the ELI annotation tool allows to configure the notices form by choosing which properties will be active for the legal entities and by choosing the controlled vocabularies of these properties (when applicable).

The ELI annotation tool is a Web application that must be installed on a Web server. Command-line operations executed on the server allow to configure the ELI annotation tool, localize it and manage its users. Once this server is configured, the ELI annotation tool is accessible simply with a recent (as of end of 2017) Web browser.

The ELI annotation tool is not meant to publish, manage or archive notices and vocabularies. It is meant to be simple to set up (no database, no connection to a user directory, no connection to external data sources, etc.) and to allow users to  efficiently produce the notices that will be published on the Web using other tools and other servers.

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