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Procurement data has been identified as data with a high-reuse potential. Given the increasing importance of data standards for eProcurement, a number of initiatives driven by the public sector, the industry and academia have been kick-started in recent years. Some have grown organically, while others are the result of standardisation work. The vocabularies and the semantics that they are introducing, the phases of public procurement that they are covering, and the technologies that they are using all differ. These differences hamper data interoperability and thus its reuse by them or by the wider public. This creates the need for a common data standard for publishing procurement data, hence allowing data from different sources to be easily accessed and linked, and consequently reused. 

The issue tracker on GitHub can be accessed by clicking here. In order to raise issues, you will need to create a personnal account on Github.


The different documents which are part of this project can be found under the tab "Overview".

More specifically:

  • The Working Group GitHub is available from here.
  • The Specification of the e-procurement ontology can be accessed from here.
  • The Project Charter is available from here.


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