About eTRAM, to enable Catalan public entities to offer electronic procedures to citizens and companies


To provide the Catalan city councils, county councils and other public bodies, solution internet under ASP that allows provide citizens with a range of services with electronic processing, and public employees the ability to manage the process for telematic channels, as well as the public communication efficiently, with reduced cost and a faster implementation time.


Service Description

Its aim is to provide a technological solution and management for those municipalities that do not offer processing services online. Is management module municipal applications and transactions online. The path to this service is through the website of the council.

This module makes it possible anywhere and anytime, citizens can:

•            HomeIAR and formalize any application on their behalf or on behalf of another citizen.

•            Check the status and content of their processes, identifying previously.

•            Get alerts on the status of their transactions.

eTRAM is a tool aimed at all stakeholders in the process of processing and municipal management:

•            the citizens

•            Professionals, companies and representatives of legal entities

•            The municipal officials

•            eTRAM hosted on the platform of the AOC and the municipalities are in a remote operational management.

This allows, among others:

•            Offer a value-added service to citizens in a highly cost effective and without making any investment in equipment and software.

•            Harnessing infrastructure platform AOC and exchange information with other authorities.

•            Customize their services and requirements of each process.

•            Start any singleApplication on behalf of citizens and self-manage the whole cycle of the procedure.



Currently (January 2019) 1034 catalan public entities are using  eTRAM.

During 2018 through eTRAM began +300,000 electronic procedures. You can see the evolution on the next picture:

2010: 22.283

2011: 25.301

2012: 28.800

2013: 31.982

2014: 37.041

2015: 41.213

2016: 62.149

2017: 180.353

2018: 307.539

Owner/Contact Information

Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya (AOC)
National authority
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Solution type
Forms Management Service
Human Interface
Public Administration
Public Policy Implementation
Public Service Catalogue
Registered Electronic Delivery Service
Interoperable European Solution Service


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