Example Query: EU Programmes & related budget lines

How much has been budgeted relating to Horizon 2020, Euratom and ITER for 2018?

Instead of searching for keywords in the description of budget lines, the EU budget vocabulary supports a much stronger and more accurate way of searching for certain elements, such as EU Programmes. Since the EU Programmes are linked to the amounts budgeted for them, and since EU Programmes are described in a controlled vocabulary, a query can return all the amounts that are linked to specific programmes.

For example, the code of the EU Programmes in this question are:

  • Horizon 2020: H2020
  • Euratom: EURATOM; and
  • ITER (International thermonuclear experimental reactor): ITER

These values and the values of all EU programmes are listed in the EU Programmes Named Authority List.

The relationship between an amount and an EU Programme is encoded as bud:hasEuProgramme in the EU Budget Vocabulary and in the data. That is why we filter on the results of this property in the query. Moreover, the query does not simply list all related amounts, but it adds up the totals per programme. The results of the query are listed in the table below:

Query 2 results




Amounts spent on



Amounts spent on



Amounts spent on




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