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Example Query: word search in headings

What are the amounts budgeted for matters related to fisheries and aquaculture, and under which headings for 2018?

This query returns all the amounts for budget lines with the keywords “fisheries” or “aquaculture” in their description. In the EU Budget Vocabulary, the description of budget lines is called “Nomenclature”. Nomenclature has several sub-classes: Title, Chapter, Article, Item and Sub-Item. Only Articles, Items and Sub-Items can have amounts related to them, for example:

  • Title 11: Maritime affairs and fisheries
    • Chapter 11 06: European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)
      • Article 11 06 60: Promoting sustainable and competitive fisheries and aquaculture, balanced and inclusive territorial development of fisheries areas and fostering the ....: €335 000 000

Since amounts are always represented at their lowest level of granularity, it is safe to add up the amounts found in the data.

The query can be adapted to look for other keywords in the description of budget lines. For inspiration on keywords to look for, you could use Eurovoc[1] or any other list of government policy areas, such as the Data Theme Name Authority List[2].

The table below displays a sample out of the results from the query.



11 01

11 01 04

11 01 04 01

Support expenditure for operations and programmes in the policy area

Support expenditure for maritime affairs and fisheries — Non-operational administrative and technical assistance




11 01

11 01 06

11 01 06 01

Executive agencies

Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises — Contribution from European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)




11 06

11 06 77

11 06 77 02

Pilot projects and preparatory actions

Pilot project — Tools for a common governance and sustainable fisheries management: fostering collaborative research between scientists and stakeholders




11 06

11 06 62

11 06 62 04

Accompanying measures for the common fisheries policy and the integrated maritime policy

Governance and communication






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