About European Digital Credentials Infrastructure Data Model

The European Commission is developing the Europass Digital Credentials Infrastructure (EDCI) – a set of tools, services and software to support the issuance of authentic, tamper-proof digital credentials (such as qualifications and other learning achievements) across Europe. The EDCI is being developed as part of ongoing work to implement the new Europass Framework for supporting transparency of skills and qualifications in Europe.

As part of this work, the Commission has developed a draft data model for a learning credential. The draft data model is now available for consultation and will be open for consultation until the end of 2019.

The following data model aims to capture the results of any non-formal, informal and formal learning across Europe. It is designed to provide a single format to describe certificates of attendance, examination results, degrees and diplomas, diploma supplements, professional certifications, employer recommendations and any other kind of claims that are related to learning.

Alignment with Other Standards

The EDCI Data Model is an extension of the W3C Verifiable Credentials Data Model expressed as XML/XSD, for the purposes of providing a standardised format of describing learning within the European Union and European Economic Area.

Development Plan

  • The current version of the data model provides a basic structure of claims, which are divided into activities, assessments and achievements.
  • v0.3.0: will model Learning Opportunities and authorisation of NQF Qualifications. It will also link these concepts to the Common Information Model.
  • v0.4.0: will incorporate the Europass Supplements
  • v0.5.0: will describe credential revocation, as well as detailed display properties.

The data model will be put into production as part of the Europass portal in Q1 2020.

Feedback and Consultation

The latest release can be downloaded below. Feedback should be provided as issues via github.

More Information

More Information about Europass can be obtained from its Futurium Website.

Supporting files for the data model (such a xsd files) are available from our GitHub repository.

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