About Gisplan

Geographic information system (GIS) called Gisplan is nowadays one of the technologically most sophisticated and most frequently used GIS solution for local municipalities in Slovak and Czech republics. It is an interactive web map client application designed for use in all of the main desktop and mobile web platforms. Gisplan helps users to capture, store, check, edit, display and publish data related to position on Earth's surface. It enables clerks and citizens to easily see, analyse and understand cases and relationships.

Gisplan is very easily expandable using many widgets. As a part of local municipality information system it significantly helps to optimize processes, management and control within the municipality, reducing its costs, improves transparency and quality of information. It offers a wide spectrum of practical use within whole organizational structure of municipality (city office, municipal police, organizations and businesses) as well as public users - citizens. Solution has been used even in other government organizations such as Hydro technical melioration (government enterprise of the Slovak Republic), Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, municipal police and management of urban green.

The governance is ensured by: T-MAPY spol. s r.o., Czech Republic (development, implementation, testing), T-MAPY Slovensko s r.o., Slovak Republic (implementation, testing).

The main benefits are:

  • new point-of-view on data
  • solution enables various combination of data/information
  • faster and more precisely informations and resolutions
  • optimalization of internal processes
  • communication with public (citizens, tourists..)

Gisplan is a product in continuous development where the investment for its first implementation was 100,000€ in Slovakia and 150,000€ in the Czech Republic. We are not able to provide a an estimate of savings generated by repeated implementation of the solution.  

Gisplan is already used by:

  • 28 municipalities in Slovak republic | around 1700 internal users and thousands of public users (citizens)
  • 49 municipalities in Czech republic | more than 3000 internal users and thousands of public users (citizens)
  • Ministry of Interior, Department of Town Planning and Housing, The Republic of Cyprus
  • Centre for Regional Development, Government Enterprise, Czech Republic
  • Hydrotechnical Melioration, Government Enterprise, Slovak Republic
  • City Police, Municipality of Kosice, Slovak Republic
  • Urban Forest, Municipality of Kosice, Slovak Republic
  • Public transport, Municipality region of Bratislava, Slovak Republic


Gisplan uses the following technologies:

  • OpenLayers 3 as map engine
  • Open Street Map data for map tiles and map services
  • PostgreSQL as an open source spatial database
  • Linux as a free operating system
  • Web Map Services

The solution is scalable and extendible using a widgets which we are improving.

Owner/Contact Information

T-MAPY Slovensko s.r.o.


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