INSPIRE Registry Viewer 1.2

1. To start the tool, open the "index.html" in a Firefox or Chrome window and follow the instructions on the page.

2. Is it important to note that the "data" folder needs to contains the file you want to import in the tool. Any file located elsewhere will not work. Moreover, the data absolutely needs to be in the ".json" format.

3. In order for the tool to function properly, no file or folder may be renamed or moved.


NOTE : Two json data files are available in this distribution :

  • INSPIRE_REG_eu_en_light.json : partial version of the INSPIRE registry (i.e. : does not contain any value nodes) due to the performance issues the complete version can cause ;
  • INSPIRE_REG_brmg_fr.json : complete version of the French IDG registry, maintained by the BRGM.


Representation technique