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The ‘Interoperability Academy’ is a new action under the ISA² programme whose outcome will be a central catalogue of educational interoperability resources organised by different learning paths under structured sustainable eLearning courses in a MOOC centralised platform.

The Interoperability Academy will be an eLearning platform, accessible 24/7, aimed at improving the knowledge of public servants on the reuse of ISA² solutions and supporting the implementation of the EIF.  Public servants will be able to follow courses and obtain a proof of acquired knowledge, thus providing career opportunities. The Academy will allow anyone to become knowledgeable even in the most advanced solutions, by following an adaptable training path.

The ISA and ISA² programmes have generated a number of solutions for which many learning resources have been produced, such as presentations, videos and webinars. As a first step in the establishment of the Academy, a full catalogue of educational resources produced so far by the ISA and ISA² programmes is currently being established and will be published here shortly. 

Learning paths and user profiles, as well as a proper curriculum are also being developed as a collaborative effort involving the European Commission, EU Member States and other stakeholders, including similar initiatives at national or international levels through the Digital Skills for the Public Sector collection and face-to-face workshops.

The objectives of the Academy will be as follows:

  • Increasing the awareness of interoperability, the EIF and ISA² solutions focusing on educational approaches;
  • Bringing learning opportunities to all groups of users as they will be able to access the content from anywhere and at any time;
  • Supporting national, regional and local governments in the implementation of interoperability recommendations and more specifically on getting aligned with the EIF;
  • Developing digital skills in the area of interoperability;
  • Proposing a comprehensive cursus and different learning paths according to the user status (including a broad range of professions and backgrounds, e.g. IT background, legal or policy);
  • Proposing a platform to be used also as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in which users can track their progress and provide feedback;
  • Liaising with similar activities run by international organisations (OECD, UNESCO) or national, regional or even local administrations.

In 2019, the action will focus on:

  • Providing a full catalogue of educational resources produced so far by the ISA/ISA²;
  • Defining learning paths according to specific profiles (management, policy maker, architects) with a focus on EIF and ISA² solutions using the catalogue of eLearning resources and identifying possible gaps;
  • Creating e-learning courses with a variety of techniques, including audio and video recordings, presentations, videos, documents, webinars, quizzes, surveys, games and discussion groups), like the one produced by the National Interoperability Framework Observatory for the monitoring and implementation of the EIF;
  • Defining the specificities of a Learning Management System platform based on open source and open standards.

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European Commission / DG Informatics (DIGIT) - Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens (ISA²)
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