BRIS testing using ITB

Conformance testing for the BRIS project off to a successful start


Significant progress has been done in the BRIS project's conformance testing with Member States, realised through the ISA² Test Bed.

BRIS Test Bed

The Business Registers Interconnection System (BRIS) infrastructure facilitates the access to information on EU companies for the public and ensures that EU Business Registers can communicate to each other electronically in a safe and secure way in relation to cross-border mergers and foreign branches. BRIS currently interconnects the business registers of 25 participating countries (details available here). 

The Netherlands (Dutch Business Register) was the first Member State to use the ISA² Test Bed for the Stand-Alone testing in the context of the BRIS Release 2.0 specification compliance and integration testing. The testing started in February and the first test suite had been successfully passed within one week. This initial test suite contains 5 test cases, with additional test cases and test suites to gradually follow with the upcoming BRIS 2.0 releases. After the first successful tests, the ISA² Test Bed will be used by more and more Business Registers in order to facilitate the integration of the new functionalities with the European Central Platform (ECP).

Use of the ISA² Test Bed brings significant advantages to the BRIS project. It provides an autonomous testing approach for Member states, it is faster, and offers a more user-friendly approach of testing for users. In addition, from the perspective of the BRIS project's management, multiple users can be monitored and supported at the same time which serves to significantly streamline operations. 

For more information on BRIS and its legal obligations, you can look up Directive 2012/17/EU on the interconnection of Business Registers, now replaced by Directive (EU) 2017/1132, and the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/884.

The ISA² Test Bed remains a close partner for the BRIS project with continued support to facilitate Member State conformance testing and the smooth roll-out of future releases.

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