IRI conformance testing

Conformance testing for the IRI project is live on the ISA² Test Bed


Conformance testing for the IRI project is live on the ISA² Test Bed and is being actively used by Member States.

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The Insolvency Registers Interconnection (IRI) system is a solution implemented by DG Justice and Consumers that aims to provide a single access point within the European e-Justice Portal to insolvency registers of participating EU Member States. To facilitate the integration of Member State endpoints, the IRI project selected in May 2018 the ISA² Interoperability Test Bed as its conformance testing solution to support testing IRI's messaging specifications using SOAP web services and e-Delivery.

September 2018 represented a significant milestone in this process as it was at this time the first Member State testing began, notably by Spain. This success was followed-up in January 2019 by Cyprus, which also began using the Test Bed to run its first conformance tests. The next planned step for the IRI project's conformance testing is to extend the currently offered test cases as of May 2019 to further address its main operations. This will allow Member State implementations to complete their conformance testing in the foreseen 2019 to 2021 window as a first step before interconnecting to the IRI platform.

The IRI project's conformance testing is important in ensuring Member State implementations are thoroughly tested before interconnection and, as a second step, to prepare the smooth roll-out of future updates. The ISA² Test Bed remains a close partner in this effort to ensure the conformance testing process continues to advance smoothly.

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