ITB and EU Login

ISA² interoperability Test Bed integrates with EU Login


As of release 1.7.0 the ISA² interoperability Test Bed supports integration with EU Login, the European Commission's central authentication service.

EU Login

As announced in the beginning of September the ISA² interoperability Test Bed is now integrated with EU Login. Support for EU Login was added as part of release 1.7.0 and is applied automatically to the shared Test Bed instance operated by ISA². Support remains optional for other European Commission Test Bed instances and is disabled by default for other on-premises installations or development instances.

Integrating with EU Login is an important step for the Test Bed as it enhances overall security and allows users to benefit from single sign-on (SSO) sessions, minimising the times needed to authenticate when using Commission services. The Test Bed has been in contact with current user communities to ensure the transition was anticipated and carried out smoothly.

To support the switch to EU Login the Test Bed has also published two new online guides:

EU Login guides

Following release 1.7.0 and the support for EU Login, work continues to ensure that the Test Bed is continuously updated to provide the best service possible for the interoperability testing community. Visit our Joinup site and become a member to remain informed of further updates.

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