ITB guide on RDF validation

New guide available on setting up RDF validation


New documentation is available to describe how to setup an RDF validation service the ISA² Interoperability Test Bed. The new guide, "Setting up RDF validation", is part of the Test Bed's online guides.


The ISA² Interoperability Test Bed supports RDF validation using SHACL shapes by means of its configurable SHACL validation service, launched in April 2019. This service allows the validation of RDF content provided through its REST API, SOAP web service API or web user interface. This validator can be used as a standalone data validator but also as part of complete conformance testing scenarios in the Test Bed.

SHACL usage

The approach to configure RDF validation for a given user community offers a streamlined setup and a subsequent self-service approach for its customisation and updates. This process is now also supported by rich documentation as one of the Test Bed's guides, that explains the options to consider, the available solutions and offers step-by-step instructions to configure your validator.

SHACL guide

This new documentation serves both as a practical tutorial but also as a user guide and detailed reference of all configuration options. The new guide is available at:

Be sure to check out this latest documentation update as well as our other guides. For more information on how the ISA² Interoperability Test Bed can help you with your data validation or conformance testing needs you are invited to visit our Joinup site and become a member to receive relevant updates.

Referenced solution

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