ITB to support e-Evidence

Upcoming collaboration between the ISA² interoperability Test Bed and the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System project


The e-Evidence Digital Exchange System is a project driven by DG Justice and Consumers that aims to provide a solution enabling the electronic exchange of evidence data in support of judiciary case files. The project’s result will be a set of messaging and content specifications to define the evidence exchange that is envisioned to operate in a decentralised manner, as an interconnected set of Member State e-Evidence Portals. To facilitate this, the project foresees the implementation of an e-Evidence Portal reference implementation made available to Member States that can be used as-is, extended, or be replaced with a new implementation that conforms to the foreseen specifications. From a technical perspective messaging shall take place using the e-CODEX connector (with e-Delivery DOMIBUS gateways).

To support the implementation of the reference implementation and the Member State conformance testing that will follow, the e-Evidence project has selected the ISA² Interoperability Test Bed as the platform upon which to implement its testing strategy. The selection was based on the Test Bed’s self-service approach to testing, rich reporting features and flexibility to support the foreseen messaging and validation needs. The first step in the collaboration will be a proof-of-concept implementation using the Test Bed to validate the core testing needs of the e-Evidence project.

Referenced solution

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