ITB support for EIRA© v3.0.0

New conformance profiles available for EIRA© v3.0.0


The conformance testing services for the EIRA© have updated with new conformance profiles.


The European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA©) is a reference architecture for delivering interoperable digital public services across borders and sectors defining architecture building blocks (ABBs) organised in four views. It is technology and product neutral, follows a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and is aligned to the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) and TOGAF©.

In early 2018 the ISA² Interoperability Test Bed entered into collaboration with the EIRA© to clearly define its concept of conformance and implement a first set of conformance testing services. The first important milestone in this work was the launch in August 2018 of a self-service conformance testing service to address conformance testing for solutions.

Work on the EIRA© has continued, supporting its latest release in April 2019 (v3.0.0) by ensuring the update of the conformance testing rules for solutions. In addition, taking advantage of this update, the supported conformance profiles were also extended to address completeness of High-Level and Detail-Level Solution Architecture Templates (SATs). SATs are a key concept of the EIRA© as they allow the definition of interoperability aspects and requirements (at high-level) and subsequently interoperability specifications (at detail-level) for envisioned solutions, making them a powerful tool in use cases such as public procurement. In such a scenario a public administration could define requirements in an SAT which could then subsequently be used by tenderers in the definition of their proposed solutions. The availability of conformance testing in this process allows both public administrations and tenderers to validate proposed solution models, ensuring that they align to the expected specifications.

EIRA procurement

The conformance testing services currently available address completeness of High-Level and Detail-Level SATs, allowing an SAT's author to test whether it is modelled based on the EIRA©'s guidelines and expectations. The service is available:

The new EIRA© conformance testing services offer a powerful tool in further facilitating the use of the EIRA© and enhancing modelling consistency. The next expected milestone is the extension of the conformance testing possibilities to allow validation against expected interoperability specifications (e.g. validation of a solution against a Detail-Level SAT).

More information on the EIRA© and SATs can be found in the EIRA©'s Joinup space.

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