ITB to support LRI project

Upcoming cooperation between the ISA² interoperability test bed and the LRI (Land Registers Interconnection) project


The Land Registers Interconnection (LRI) project is a solution implemented by DG Justice and Consumers that aims to provide a single access point within the European eJustice Portal to the land registers of participating EU countries. This will address the current issues of discrepancy, complexity and multitude of land registration systems amongst Member States. Through this access point citizens and professionals will be able to query and retrieve relevant information via a single, adaptive, multi-lingual interface, in compliance with national legal and technical capabilities.

The LRI project’s architecture foresees integration of the central node with Member State endpoints via web service calls according to prescribed messaging and content specifications. To facilitate integration, a test platform is envisioned to be offered to Member States through which they can test their endpoints’ conformance to the LRI project’s specifications. The ISA² Interoperability Test Bed has been selected for this purpose based on its self-service approach to testing, rich reporting features and flexibility to support all foreseen messaging flows. The first step in this process will be a proof-of-concept implementation focusing on selected scenarios before proceeding with the full testing implementation.

Referenced solution

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