ITB support for UBL 2.3

Development of the next version of UBL specifications supported by the ISA² Test Bed


The ISA² Test Bed is supporting the development of the next version of UBL specifications in addition to the official UBL tools.


The Universal Business Language (UBL) defines a royalty-free library of standard XML business documents supporting digitisation of the commercial and logistical processes for domestic and international supply chains such as procurement, purchasing, transport, logistics, intermodal freight management, and other supply chain management functions. UBL is the work product of an OASIS Technical Committee with participation from a variety of international and industry data standards organisations.

The OASIS UBL Technical Committee has begun work on a future UBL 2.3 version with a target publishing date of December 2019. To support this effort, members of the UBL Technical Committee have adopted the ISA² Test Bed to allow testing of intermediate releases until the new version is finalised. Thanks to the ISA² Test Bed's generic validation capabilities, the effort to expose testing services for version 2.3 documents is very limited. Furthermore, the native availability of a machine-to-machine interface as well as a user interface enables numerous test scenarios. The validation service is currently online and available through the following channels:

Work is currently in progress to complete the UBL version 2.3 artefacts and extend the validation service to cover additional document types as they mature. Further information on the ongoing work can be found through the OASIS UBL Technical Committee’s home page.

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