ITB user guide online

ISA² Interoperability Test Bed user guide online


Since its first steps as a proof-of-concept through to its current days of continuous expansion of its user community, the ISA² Test Bed has suffered by lacking a comprehensive user guide. Such a guide would stand to help users interact with the Test Bed but also to introduce them, and potential new users, to the Test Bed's overall purpose, concepts and processes.

As part of the ISA² Test Bed Action's ongoing activities this long-standing issue has now been addressed by publishing the Test Bed's online user guide. In fact, a series of user guides is now available, one per Test Bed user role, to provide the most customised documentation possible for each user:

Additional documentation resources are set to follow such as guides and resources for test service developers. Send us an email at to become a member of our Joinup community and stay informed of all Test Bed news.

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