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New guide available on the Test Bed's value proposition, use cases and services


New documentation is available to present the Test Bed's value proposition, published as part of its online guides.

The ISA² Interoperability Test Bed has been offering its services to the interoperability testing community for several years. A missing element during this work that hindered the Test Bed's adoption has been a clear definition of its value proposition, highlighting key benefits offered to project owners and testers. This is now concisely summarised as follows:

The ISA² Interoperability Test Bed is an online, intuitive and self-service platform for conformance testing of IT systems against semantic and technical specifications.

This statement is further elaborated by considerations specific to the perspective of project owners and testers. The set of key use cases the Test Bed supports are also described illustrating the various user needs it can fulfil.

Value proposition guide

An additional interesting section of this guide is the Test Bed's short high-level overview. This acts as an executive summary on how the Test Bed operates, presenting its main components and concepts, offering as such an excellent introduction for prospective users.


The guide completes with a listing of the services offered by the Test Bed team to its users, presenting for each service its context (why is it important) and details (what is offered). These services are mapped to each step of the interoperability testing lifecycle that the Test Bed supports.


This new documentation serves as an introduction to the Test Bed and a reference of its possible use cases and available services. Starting from this point, additional guides may be used to dive into further technical details (e.g. authoring test cases or setting up validators). The new guide is available at:

Be sure to check out this latest documentation update as well as our other guides. For more information on how the ISA² Interoperability Test Bed can help you with your conformance testing needs you are invited to visit our Joinup site and become a member to receive relevant updates.

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