Milestone in cooperation betw…

Milestone in cooperation between the ISA² interoperability test bed and CEF eInvoicing


In May 2015 the ISA² interoperability test bed was selected as the platform to use to support conformance testing for eInvoicing specifications as defined by the CEF eInvoicing building block. Following a successful initial piloting period, long term collaboration was confirmed and support was also extended to also support the CEN/TC 434 on Electronic invoicing and specifically its Work Stream 8 on defining and testing the supported syntaxes.


After a long period of implementation and testing, work completed in May 2017 resulting in a robust set of syntaxes and validation services accessible to parties and providers in the eInvoicing community. These syntaxes are supported through ISA²’s interoperability test bed service by allowing the validation of UBL 2.1 and the UN/CEFACT Cross Industry Invoice (CII) invoices supported by CEF, as well as support for the UN/EDIFACT and  ISO20022 syntaxes that additionally supported by CEN.


ISA²’s interoperability test bed supports eInvoice content validation for these syntaxes by means of:

  • Simple invoice upload through an online form
  • SOAP web service call to a GITB-compliant web service that can be used in system integration and GITB TDL test cases.
  • Email-based validation for invoices sent as email attachments.
  • Offline validation by means of a command line tool.
  • Delivery of invoices as AS2 and AS4 messages directly and using CEF eDelivery.


Work continues after this milestone by extending the offered eDelivery channels to include AS2 and AS4 delivery by means of eDelivery’s automatic discovery.

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