New CloudEvents validation service

The Test Bed launches a new CloudEvents validation service

Published on: 29/05/2020
Last update: 10/06/2020

The Test Bed has now made available a new service to validate JSON content against the CloudEvents specification.


The CloudEvents specification offers a common way of describing event data exchanged between components of an event-driven system. The common specification increases consistency in components consuming events, accessibility to common libraries and tools, and portability of implementations across environments. Events designed using the CloudEvents specification can be expressed in different syntaxes, the most common approach being JSON, based on the CloudEvents JSON representation.

The Test Bed now supports projects using the CloudEvents specification by making available a new validator to validate JSON objects as CloudEvents. Validation can be targeted to specific specification versions or the latest snapshot, and supports additional user-provided JSON schemas to include checks on a given project’s specific event data.

The validator is accessible via the following channels:

CloudEvents validator

The CloudEvents validator is a validator instance that reuses the Test Bed’s core JSON validation service. For more information on how JSON-based validators can be configured and used be sure to check the detailed JSON validation guide, part of the Test Bed’s online guides and tutorials.

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