New test services implemented…

New test services implemented in relation to the e-SENS e-Tendering pilot


The e-SENS project is a pan-European project that launched in 2013 and ran until 31st March 2017 with the purpose of strengthening the EU digital single market and facilitating cross-border public services. This was driven primarily through pilots in selected domains, to produce generic, reusable and sustainable solution building blocks. One of these domains is e-Procurement of which an important part were the specifications, processes and tools developed in support of e-Tendering.


The ISA² Test Bed Action entered in collaboration with the e-Tendering pilot participants in order to deliver testing services for artefacts used in e-Tendering processes. The initial focus was placed on a key set of processes (call for tenders, expression of interest, tender submission), for which services were needed to validate the content of produced messages. This work has now reached an important milestone with the delivery of a service to validate e-Tendering message (ASiC) containers in the form of a test case in the ISA² test bed. In addition, a separate validation service is now also online to help with the standalone validation of individual artefacts (SBDH files, UBL business documents) available through an online form and GITB-compliant web service. These services have already been used during the pilot and are expected to further help parties that will proceed to implement the produced specifications.

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