New TRR entry: GITB-compliant…

New TRR entry: GITB-compliant validation service for ADMS-AP


A new entry has been published in the Test Registry and Repository (TRR) in Joinup: The ADMS-AP validation service.

The ADMS-AP validation service allows the validation of ADMS-AP RDF files. Validation is performed via an API operation which loads a file (Turtle, RDF/XML, N-triples, JSON-LD) as a graph in a triple store and it queries the triple store with a SPARQL query. The API conforms to the specification for GITB validation services, i.e. this is a GITB-compliant validation service that can be used by itself or within GITB TDL (Test Description Language) test cases.


Information on the ADMS-AP validation service is available at:

Referenced solution

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