UBL 2.1 credit notes on ITB

Validation services available for UBL 2.1 credit notes


Since May 2017 the ISA² interoperability test bed is being used to support conformance testing for eInvoicing specifications as defined by the CEF eInvoicing building block. Conformance testing is actually realised through a separate test bed instance for CEF eInvoicing that allows testing of invoices provided in multiple formats (UBL 2.1 and UN/CEFACT Cross Industry Invoice), and over multiple communication channels (direct upload, SOAP web service, email, standalone tool, AS2 messaging and AS4 messaging).

Following requests from the eInvoicing user community and in coordination with CEF the existing validation services have now been extended to also cover UBL 2.1 credit notes. The possibility to validate submitted credit notes has been added to all existing communication channels.


Referenced solution

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