Upcoming cooperation between…

Upcoming cooperation between the ISA² interoperability test bed and the BRIS (business registers interconnection) project


Following the adoption of Directive 2012/17/EU, the BRIS project aims at interconnecting business registers throughout Europe. It will enable citizens, businesses and national authorities to search, via the e-Justice portal, for company information in the national registers, and enable the business registers to exchange information with each other in a secure and trustworthy way.


Before connecting to the actual BRIS platform, systems in the Member States will undergo extensive testing. The BRIS team in the European Commission's DG DIGIT is for this purpose implementing a technical solution that includes message logging for the validation of message coherence in asynchronous communications, and a simulator to assume the role of the e-Justice portal that can send and receive messages both valid and erroneous. Content validation is performed against pre-agreed and stored sample messages covering also long running tests with asynchronously received messages.


The ISA2 interoperability test bed enters into the picture for its capabilities to integrate various validators, message adapters and other services into a coherent user experience presented  through a common user interface, which allows selection of test cases, logging, retrieval of message logs and exchanged content, and standardised test reporting.


Following a successful proof of concept, the two teams agreed to proceed in their collaboration that will see the ISA2 interoperability test bed as the solution offered to Member States for conformance testing. While the current timeline – go-live for BRIS is planned for June 2017 – is not impacted by this decision (testing will take place with the tools currently implemented) the ISA2 interoperability test bed, shall be the long term solution that will allow a streamlined and effective testing experience for the Member States’ systems.

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