ISA² interoperability test bed software 1.4.0

1 year ago

Version 1.4.0 of the ISA² interoperability test bed software, based on the GITB CWA specifications, is now released. This version focuses on improving the test bed's compliance towards the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by providing clear indications to users at all times personal data is collected or processed. In addition, this release resolves certain additional minor bugs that were reported by users.

This new version is online in the ISA² interoperability test bed service but is also available for you to setup as a standalone instance. If a standalone instance best matches your needs, the following supporting resources are available:

  • The introduction, installation and demo of the test bed, provided in the test bed's introductory handbook.
  • The test bed's user guide.
  • The source code of the test bed software.
  • The EUPL-based licence attached to the direct use of the source code.


Update instructions

This section applies to you if you are running your own test bed instance and want to update to version 1.4.0. The following steps are to be executed on the command line of the server running the test bed components.

Step 1 - Get the new test bed components

docker pull isaitb/gitb-ui:1.4.0
docker pull isaitb/gitb-srv:1.4.0

Step 2 - Shut down your current test bed components

docker stop gitb-ui gitb-srv
docker rm gitb-ui gitb-srv

Step 3 - Start the new test bed components

Remember to replace [PUBLIC_SERVER_ADDRESS] with the address corresponding to your instance.

docker run --name gitb-srv --net=gitb-net -p 8080-8380:8080-8380
-e gitb.messaging.server-ip-address=[PUBLIC_SERVER_ADDRESS]
-e gitb.messaging.callbackURL=http://[PUBLIC_SERVER_ADDRESS]:8080/itbsrv/MessagingClient
-d --restart=unless-stopped isaitb/gitb-srv:1.4.0

docker run --name gitb-ui --net=gitb-net -p 9000:9000 -p 9090:9090 --volumes-from gitb-repo
-d --restart=unless-stopped isaitb/gitb-ui:1.4.0

Your test bed instance is now successfully updated to version 1.4.0.


Release Notes - Version 1.4.0

The following list summarises the issues included in this release, classified as bugs, tasks, new features and improvements. For more details click the issue key links (requires access to the test bed's issue tracker).


  • [ITB-219] - Cannot delete domain with domain parameters
  • [ITB-222] - Cannot delete community for which tests have been executed
  • [ITB-224] - Hide the special purpose Admin organisation from the test bed Default community
  • [ITB-231] - Legal Notice link not working without user login
  • [ITB-232] - Legal notice top-level headings appear grey
  • [ITB-235] - Icons may not appear when using IE 11
  • [ITB-242] - Active footer links are not visible

New Feature

  • [ITB-49] - Link to online documentation
  • [ITB-221] - Link to role-specific documentation


  • [ITB-236] - Add cookie-related statement on login screen for GDPR compliance
  • [ITB-237] - Add consent message on community admin creation screen
  • [ITB-238] - Add consent message on test bed admin creation screen
  • [ITB-239] - Add consent message on organisation user creation screens
  • [ITB-240] - Add data use notification on contact form for GDPR compliance