ISA² interoperability test bed software 1.6.0

2 months ago

Version 1.6.0 of the ISA² interoperability test bed software, based on the GITB CWA specifications, is now released. From an end-user perspective the main highlights of this release are the validation of uploaded test suites and various improvements to streamline the user interface (e.g. simplified conformance statement creation). Internally this release brings critical updates to library versions, the execution environment and core security features. In addition, the GITB Test Description Language (TDL), and its support through the test bed, has been extended to simplify test case definition and bring new features such as new built-in processing and validation capabilities as well as extended user input options. The content of this release is based as always on feedback from the test bed's users as well as the test bed team's own experience.

This new version is online in the ISA² interoperability test bed service but is also available for you to setup as a standalone instance. If a standalone instance best matches your needs, the following supporting resources are available:

If you are updating from a previous version, please follow the test bed's update guide.

Release Notes - Version 1.6.0

The following list summarises the issues included in this release, classified as bugs, tasks, new features and improvements. For more details click the issue key links (requires access to the test bed's issue tracker).


  • [ITB-170] - Variables allow defining superfluous "source" and "lang" attributes
  • [ITB-217] - Systems link not presented to organisation basic users
  • [ITB-282] - New test cases for an existing test suite may not appear correctly ordered
  • [ITB-287] - Embedded XML validators (XSD, Schematron) may not show errors on the correct content line
  • [ITB-290] - Sorting by actor on session dashboard not working
  • [ITB-291] - Test cases included in conformance statement where actor is not the SUT
  • [ITB-297] - Failure to match existing session token results in empty screen
  • [ITB-304] - Ensure CSV exports can be made regardless of the exported text
  • [ITB-307] - Table editing control not displayed on WYSIWYG editors
  • [ITB-308] - Correct regular expressions for variable references
  • [ITB-310] - Actor name should be optional to allow external references
  • [ITB-315] - Correct configuration to allow test cases based on UDP
  • [ITB-322] - Automatic test suite execution continues to ping test bed after completion
  • [ITB-324] - In certain cases the previous test session view displays unexecuted steps as overlapping
  • [ITB-337] - Test step report requests can get broken by reverse proxies
  • [ITB-338] - If step without else with internal step reports causes overall report generation to fail
  • [ITB-372] - User logout may leave session state still on the server-side
  • [ITB-374] - Updating an already set keystore for the conformance certificate does not allow directly changing its passwords
  • [ITB-377] - Prevent errors during test session initiation from being re-triggered continuously
  • [ITB-378] - Unable to assign a list or map variable to another list or map
  • [ITB-380] - Allow signed numbers and floats for expressions defined as "NumberOrVariable"
  • [ITB-381] - Allow spaces for expressions defined as "StringOrVariable"
  • [ITB-384] - Processing step errors may not get logged

New Feature

  • [ITB-311] - Embedded processing handler to create random text tokens
  • [ITB-382] - New embedded validator for matching XML content based on XMLUnit


  • [ITB-51] - Validate uploaded test suite
  • [ITB-241] - Ensure content is filtered based on a whitelist for HTML rendering
  • [ITB-269] - Automate creation of conformance statement
  • [ITB-279] - Support type conversions from list[TYPE] to and from list
  • [ITB-280] - Record test step overall result in context variable
  • [ITB-295] - Hide implementation details from test session log output
  • [ITB-298] - Don't use test suite name for folder naming
  • [ITB-299] - Correct theme issues with header and footer
  • [ITB-309] - Relax metadata definition constraints
  • [ITB-316] - Relax non-important XSD constraints
  • [ITB-320] - Allow user interaction requests to display a drop down list based on provided values.
  • [ITB-321] - Upgrade to OpenJDK 11 as base platform
  • [ITB-345] - Improve security posture of core components
  • [ITB-376] - Consider variables defined as generic list to be list[string] by default
  • [ITB-379] - Allow user to clear form when processing a user interaction step
  • [ITB-383] - Make processing transactions optional