Interoperability Testing SAT v1.0.0

2 years ago


A Solution Architecture Template (SAT) is a specification extending the EIRA providing support to solution architects in a specific solution domain. An SAT includes a motivation (principles, requirements), as well as a definition of its goal and a description of the supported functionalities. These are modelled using a sub-set of the EIRA core Architecture Building Blocks (ABBs) covering the four EIRA views (Legal, Organisational, Sema ntic, Technical), extended with specific ABBs to address domain-specific needs, and linked to interoperability specifications that act as a guide in selecting appropriate implementations. The SAT is then completed with a narrative for each EIRA view that discusses the selected ABBs and adds further documentation where needed.

The purpose of this SAT is to provide guidance for solution architects that need to include interoperability or conformance testing processes as part of their solution. The proposed approach is to use the ISA² interoperability test bed service which this SAT aims to model and position as part of the target solution.

The benefits of this SAT are the following:

  • It provides architects with a common approach to address interoperability and conformance testing needs, placing the focus on the key points that need to be considered.
  • It shows how the ISA² interoperability test bed service can be included in your solution highlighting what can be reused as-is and what needs to be developed.
  • It documents for you the specifications involved and also the available services and components that you can match to your needs.