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The lack of legal interoperability is known to be one of the main barriers when implementing e-government software solutions able to operate and be operated by public administrations, businesses and citizens across borders within the EU territory.
Legal interoperability is one of the major themes of the ISA2 Mid-Term Conference organised by the European Commission on 29 November 2018.

Currently, the European Commission services along with Joinup facilitators of the OSOR and EUPL collections are assessing the opportunity to implement a new user-friendly Licensing Assistant. This will be based on analysing and categorising the various free/open source licences content. The new assistant would reuse and improve the software developed for the European Data Portal. 

The solution is currently being discussed internally, with a view to produce a white paper and a presentation that will be published online (released under this solution) on 5 December 2018. At the same time the solution will be discussed at the Paris Open Source Summit (EOLE event: presentation "Joinup Licensing Assistant" during the session TOOLS/COMPLIANCE 11.15-12.45).

The objective is to assess the utility of such an assistant and to improve the licence content analysis grid by collecting comments and, if possible, volunteer collaboration. 

New information on this solution and releases will be published soon. 


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European Commission - DIGIT
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European Commission, DIGIT.D.2 Interoperability
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Organisational Interoperability Enabler
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