Joinup 1.47.0

6 months ago

New features

  • ISAICP-5129 Licence wizard: The licence wizard help users make a selection of the best licence for their software
    (+ISAICP-5130, ISAICP-5131, ISAICP-5132, ISAICP-5133, ISAICP-5134, ISAICP-5135, ISAICP-5136, ISAICP-5141, ISAICP-5147, ISAICP-5148, ISAICP-5149, ISAICP-5156, ISAICP-5165)


  • ISAICP-5202 Deprecated licences should not be selectable in distributions
  • ISAICP-5158 Show download count only if > 0
  • ISAICP-5161 Show a message when after creating a solution/collection, so end-users now the request for publication is pending
  • ISAICP-5058 Grant more permission to moderators, so they can better support end-users
  • ISAICP-5049 Extra validation on the field that keeps holds the location of events
  • ISAICP-5047 The menu of sub-pages on 'custom pages' shows deeper levels by default
  • ISAICP-4741 Moderators have better access to the ADMS-AP importer


  • ISAICP-4758 Restore the Solr index from production instead on reindexing. This improves the performance of deployments to development environments.

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-5190 (+ISAICP-5213) UAT unavailable