Joinup 1.48.0

1 month ago

New features

  • ISAICP-5203: Show deprecation warning on Licenses.
  • ISAICP-5226: Add order to 'license type' concepts.
  • ISAICP-5227: Support RDF taxonomy term weights.
  • ISAICP-5228: Show filter categories using a priority.
  • ISAICP-5214: Provide clean URLs for News, events, documents, discussions & releases.


  • ISAICP-5170: Remove the Professional profile field from the edit user page.
  • ISAICP-5175: Remove permission to post comments for anonymous users.
  • ISAICP-5189: Remove Google+ from the site.
  • ISAICP-5209: Switch to Drupal 8.7.x.
  • ISAICP-4701: Make configuration read-only on production.
  • ISAICP-5229: Verify Verify that the 'license type' on license tile respects weight.
  • ISAICP-5230: Ensure the .html suffix in the licence text link.
  • ISAICP-5125, ISAICP-5238: Update all project dependencies.
  • ISAICP-4667: Implement a dedicated cache tag for membership of a group in OG.
  • ISAICP-5232, ISAICP-5233: CSS improvements for licence wizard.
  • ISAICP-5260: Temporarily disable deprecated warnings reports.
  • ISAICP-2704: The SPARQL entity storage is split out of RDF entity module.
  • ISAICP-3696: Remove obsolete code for the Solution content block.

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-4665: Caption of images not working properly in the editor.
  • ISAICP-3599: Fix the caching on collections statistics.
  • ISAICP-5126: Fix the caching on collections membership count.
  • ISAICP-5192: Fix un-share community contents permissions.
  • ISAICP-4829: Fix Behat step related to email sending.
  • ISAICP-5257: Fix broken development branch.
  • ISAICP-5255: UAT build completes but the build looks broken.
  • ISAICP-5191: Fix an Issue with revisions on events.
  • ISAICP-5280: Fix the RDF entity bundle plural patch.
  • ISAICP-5282: Fix update path after rdf_entity module split.
  • ISAICP-5194: Remove directory check from restore solr script.