Joinup 1.51.0

2 months ago

New features

  • ISAICP-5348: Accept 'Legal notice' on registration and sign in forms
  • ISAICP-5349: Anonymous users should accept the Legal notice on the contact Joinup support form
  • ISAICP-5400: Report for Legal notice


  • ISAICP-5097: Update dependencies
  • ISAICP-5460: Legal notice - Add back the link but open it in a new tab
  • ISAICP-5445: Apply the "General" best practices as suggested by static code analysis
  • ISAICP-5394: Drupal best practices: do not use global constants
  • ISAICP-5327: Exclude Webdav and SVN folders in robots.txt


  • ISAICP-5459: Run CPHP PHPUnit tests on MySQL instead of SQLite

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-5455: HOTFIX Errors on production for "the timestamp must be numeric"
  • ISAICP-5449: Legal notice loops back to itself
  • ISAICP-5421: Frontend - validation on checkbox is not showing error message
  • ISAICP-5376: NIO pipeline - Federated solutions are orphans
  • ISAICP-5291: UAT cache issue with Keep-up-to-date

Content management

  • ISAICP-5377: Delete some PDF files from the database