Joinup 1.52.0

1 month ago


  • ISAICP-3841: Duplicate contextual links in the collection / solution header
  • ISAICP-5041: Style the error page
  • ISAICP-5048: Change the position of the first link in navigation menu of the ToC
  • ISAICP-5218: Improve the homepage
  • ISAICP-5219: Change the site logo
  • ISAICP-5329: Frontend - Revamp of the JLA custom page
  • ISAICP-5452: Do not show "No content found" when there is no content in collections
  • ISAICP-5453: Display a confirmation message before a membership is deleted
  • ISAICP-5454: Send BCC to moderators
  • ISAICP-5494: Improve the title in the blue header
  • ISAICP-5501: Move the JLA custom page to the solution with the same name
  • ISAICP-5504: Improved list of categories in the support form

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-4140: Wrong license included in git repository
  • ISAICP-4823: Matomo requirements are reporting error but the communication works
  • ISAICP-4958: Access denied message after deleting revisions of content
  • ISAICP-5245: JS state of the collection check box is not initialized properly
  • ISAICP-5270: Fix random failing test caused by Search API caching.
  • ISAICP-5480: Collection banner images are too big and "pixelated"
  • ISAICP-5503: [Followup] Old news items are shown in keep up to date on production
  • ISAICP-5539: Fix entity_legal DB schema
  • ISAICP-5543: Rename the background image from homepage to avoid using stale cache


  • ISAICP-5246: Performance issues for users with many groups
  • ISAICP-5505: Speed up Behat testing