Releases for Joinup source code solution

Latest release

Joinup 1.49.0

New features ISAICP-5269: New NIO pipeline ISAICP-5220: Give the option to moderators to edit the Legal Notice link in footer ISAICP-5338: Published option is now available to collecti... more

Joinup 1.48.2

Security ISAICP-5297: Add additional Honeypot protection. ISAICP-5296: Delete spam accounts. more

Joinup 1.48.1

Improvements ISAICP-5284: Include a package to optimize the Drupal packages. Bug fixes ISAICP-5286: 2nd: Fix a case where the subscription Epic could not be deployed. ISAICP-5287: Rena... more

Joinup 1.48.0

New features ISAICP-5203: Show deprecation warning on Licenses. ISAICP-5226: Add order to 'license type' concepts. ISAICP-5227: Support RDF taxonomy term weights. ISAICP-5228: Show fi... more

Joinup 1.47.3

Security Drupal security release SA-CORE-2019-007. more

Joinup 1.47.2

Bug fixes ISAICP-5231: SPDX are not automatically imported in ACC & PROD more

Joinup 1.47.1

Security Drupal core security fix: SA-CORE-2019-006 Stage File Proxy module security fix: SA-CONTRIB-2019-044 Bug fix ISAICP-5224: JavaScript error on JLA more

Joinup 1.47.0

New features ISAICP-5129 License wizard: The license wizard help users make a selection of the best license for their software (+ISAICP-5130, ISAICP-5131, ISAICP-5132, ISAICP-5133, ISAI... more

Joinup 1.46.0

New features ISAICP-5026: New EIRA vocabulary and terms. Includes: ISAICP-5027, ISAICP-4978, ISAICP-5028, ISAICP-5029, ISAICP-5030, ISAICP-5031, ISAICP-4909, ISAICP-5162, ISAICP-5140, IS... more

Joinup 1.45.1

Security ISAICP-5183: Drupal core security fix: more

Joinup 1.45.0

New features ISAICP-4624: Collection data is now available also as an RSS feed. ISAICP-4970: User-friendly error messages. Improvements ISAICP-4510: Data already federated in a differe... more

Joinup 1.44.2

Security updates more

Joinup 1.44.1

Reverted ISAICP-4027 as it needs more investigations. more

Joinup 1.44.0

New features ISAICP-3174: Geocode Event location and display as map (Containing ISAICP-4683, ISAICP-4668, ISAICP-4669, ISAICP-4675, ISAICP-4687, ISAICP-4717, ISAICP-4782, ISAICP-4686, IS... more

Joinup 1.43.0

New features ISAICP-4751: Adapt Joinup to run with Docker. ISAICP-4845: Custom pages can be created within solutions. ISAICP-4955: New option to disable related solutions. ISAICP-4512... more

Joinup 1.42.0

ISAICP-4206: ADMS Importer Epic This feature allows for automatic federation of repositories through an online wizard. This includes tickets ISAICP-4211, ISAICP-4888, ISAICP-4877, ISAICP... more

Joinup 1.41.0

New features ISAICP-4719, ISAICP-4879: Allow users to subscribe to Joinup newsletters. ISAICP-4787, ISAICP-4846: The user Help menu was added. ISAICP-4486: Content negotiation for RDF ... more

Joinup 1.40.1

Bug fixes ISAICP-4923: Custom page Solr query "keywords" regression. more

Joinup 1.40.0

New features ISAICP-4609: Custom pages can have a 3-tier structure. ISAICP-4610: Table Of Contents (TOC) for custom pages. ISAICP-4611: Add navigation links to custom pages TOC (Previo... more

Joinup 1.39.1

Bug fixes (security updates) Update of Drupal core, see more

Joinup 1.39.0

Bugs/Updates: ISAICP-4768: Limit the number of solutions in the 'Related solutions' block. ISAICP-4092: Make configuration read-only on production. ISAICP-4791: Coding standards tests ... more

Joinup 1.38.0

New features ISAICP-4544: A link to the newsletter has been added in the footer of the website ISAICP-4607, ISAICP-4647, ISAICP-4649, ISAICP-4651, ISAICP-4673, ISAICP-4726, ISAICP-4731, ... more

Joinup 1.37.2

Bug fixes Composer version 1.7.0 throws a fatal error when building the platform. more

Joinup 1.37.1

Bug fixes ISAICP-4679: Users with memberships in multiple collections and solutions are experiencing slow loading pages. more

Joinup 1.37.0

New features ISAICP-4498: Moderators can now filter the list of users by collection owners and facilitators. Improvements ISAICP-4474: Provide additional information in notification mes... more

Joinup 1.36.0

New features ISAICP-4433: Additional button into the Wysiwyg in order to easily embed videos. ISAICP-4533: Add image field to custom pages and display it on the tile view. ISAICP-4582:... more

Joinup 1.35.1

Bugfix ISAICP-4589: Collection facilitators are now correctly receiving notifications about membership requests. more

Joinup v1.35.0

New features ISAICP-4461: The collection abstract is shown on the collection overview so the visitor can see what the collection is about. Improvements ISAICP-4394: Titles in tiles are ... more

Joinup 1.34.0

New features ISAICP-4495: Provide a demo environment that allows to test upcoming features over a longer time period. Bugfixes ISAICP-4499: The predicate for the "Owner type" was not ad... more

Joinup 1.33

Improvements ISAICP-4519: SPAM mitigation: Enable user approval. ISAICP-4522: RDF entity dependency point to dist, not branch. ISAICP-4459: unpin Composer. ISAICP-4466: update timers ... more

Joinup 1.32.1

Improvements ISAICP-4519: Enable user approval by administrators. more

Joinup 1.32

New features ISAICP-4421: Moderator functionality - search for a user - extra filters.   Improvements ISAICP-4454: Remove the author name from discussions and news tiles. ISAICP-4431:... more

Joinup 1.31.1

Security Fix Drupal critical, remote code execution vulnerability SA-CORE-2018-004. more

Joinup 1.31

Bugfixes Prevent sending notification e-mails when updating the download counter for releases. more

Joinup 1.30

Security Fix Drupal moderately critical, remote code execution vulnerability SA-CORE-2018-003. more

Joinup 1.29

Bugfixes ISAICP-4441: SPARQL checkpoints cause queries to fail. more

Joinup 1.28

Security Fix Drupal highly critical, remote code execution vulnerability SA-CORE-2018-002. New features ISAICP-4396: Moderators and collection owners are able to transfer the collection... more

Joinup 1.27

New features ISAICP-4336: Joinup is now on Drupal 8.5.0. ISAICP-4346: Using newer versions of modules: Organic Groups, Pathauto, Persistent login. ISAICP-4396, ISAICP-4149: Moderators ... more

Joinup 1.26

New features ISAICP-4175: A new "Reporting" section was added which is only accessible by moderators by default (#1031) ISAICP-4177: Moderators can create reports filtered by solution t... more

Joinup 1.25

Security ISAICP-4327: Security update: SA-CORE-2018-001. Bugfixes ISAICP-4325: Error during deployment "RdfEntityGraph class does not correspond to an entity type”. ISAICP-4314: Fix a ... more

Joinup 1.24

Technical issues ISAICP-4305 - Fix an issue in the update procedure ISAICP-4306 - Fix dependency issue that blocks deployment ISAICP-4307 - Fix a misinterpretation of the semantics of ... more