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Our mission

Efficient legislative drafting

To work every day to make the complex, time-consuming, process of drafting legislation, with its increasingly pan-European dimension, more efficient. 


We strive to go beyond awareness raising and empower our users to take an active role and become contributors, to share experiences and to co-create with other users a better version of LEOS.


To promote the adoption of emerging technologies, to modernise the European Commission and European public administrations and therefore make us future-proof.


To foster and promote interoperability by designing solutions based on well known, well established and open source standards and solutions.

Openness and transparency

To ensure transparency, one key principle of the European Commission, by making available all relevant outputs.

To release in the spirit of open source, our solution under the European Union Public Licence (EUPL) free of charge.

Anyone can use it and anyone can submit their feedback.


What is this about?

Drafting new legislation is a complex process, involving many actors. In most democratic countries, there are three phases in the process: the preparatory phase, the adoption phase, and the entry into force.

To address this challenge, the ISA2 action - 2016.38 Legislation Interoperability Tools - LegIT  was created. The objective of this action is to make this time-consuming process with its increasingly pan-European dimension more efficient.

The action is led by the Commission’s Informatics Directorate-General (DIGIT), with support of the Secretariat General of the Commission.


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