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MeetPAd is an application platform supporting inter-institutional digital collaboration (Ministries, Region, Special Reconstruction Office, Provinces, Municipalities, etc.), multichannel and remotely, with the aim of simplifying the planning and the management of videoconference meetings and the sharing of contents and formal documents among the subjects involved, especially the Telematic Services Conference to manage, first of all, the post-earthquake reconstruction process, but also, for example, the administrative advancement of the Ultra Broadband in the territories, the environmental authorization practices and any operational meeting between public administration.

We intend to make available to territorial subjects a set of digital tools for collaboration, dematerialization and online interaction, in order to rationalize administrative processes, make them more agile, fluid and efficient, simplify dialogue and remote work, in project capable of:


  • develop not a packaged product based on licenses, but source code and available functions (also in reuse) of a plurality of authorized subjects, the result of shared and participatory planning;
  • build an enabling infrastructure, to manage procedures, processes and synchronous and asynchronous services - in a transversal way, regardless of the specific use case - based on atomic components and microservices, easily reusable and generalizable, extensible;
  • optimize the use of components already made and shared computerized databases for the collection and updating of information, adequately integrated with other platforms and applications in use (protocol, conservation, management, etc.);
  • exploit the most advanced technological paradigms (A.I., NLP, chatbot and machine learning, cloud computing, etc.)

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