Modules for Online Applications (MOA) are a set of software tools which provide implementation and integration support for the functions and procedures mandated by the Austrian e-Government strategy. The MOA components within this project provided the support for functions such as creation and verification of electronic signatures, and identification and authentication of citizens in online procedures.


This module encapsulates all functionality needed forĀ server-side signature creation and verification. Signatures can be created using software certificates or with a hardware security module. The MOA module supports signatures and qualified signatures. In order to create and verify signatures in the citizen card environment, the process and the XML-based query and response messages must conform to the citizen card specification. During the creation of a signature, the module must look after obtaining the signature key, resolving of the data to be signed, calculating the transformation and creating the signature itself. It is also possible to create batch signatures with just one command that can be attached to many documents. Just like in the MOA ID, its functions can be called by SOAP web services as well as by Java program interfaces. The web service interface makes it possible to maintain a clean separation between the calling applications and MOA components. In addition to providing the option for multitenancy, this design allows centralised modules to be shared by many applications.


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