Open e-TrustEx 2.2.0

3 years ago

Open e-TrustEx is a platform offered by the Directorate-General for Informatics of the European Commission to Public Administrations at European, national and regional level to set up secure exchange of natively digital documents from system to system via standardized interfaces. Open e-TrustEx provides a set of generic web services, which Public Administrations can use to connect heterogeneous applications, removing the need for complex point-to-point connections.

What's new in version 2.2.0

ETRUSTEX New Features

·         Create new versions of InboxRequest and StatusRequest to use UBL2.1

·         Create configuration notification via new services

·         Support of Multicasting

·         Support of an interface with an external system for timestamping

·         Create Human Readable for Application Response

·         Implement a hard business rule to prevent Invoice issue dates in the future

·         Implement new JMS interface


ETRUSTEX Improvements

·         Migrate RetrieveInterchangeAgreement to use EC-CAC 2.1

·         Log the soap request

·         Create a new field eccbc:TermsChangedIndicator to EC-RequestForQuotation-0.1.xsd

·         Save the message Header in the database as message binary

·         Allow cancellation of a Dispatch Advice

·         Add logging for retention policies

·         Sign Technical Acknowledgment for e-Procurement services

·         Specify in the data model when a Party is a person ( and not a company)

·         Modify the code to keep the routing in a separated transaction



ADMINConsole New Features

·         Create a page for the generation and consultation of statistical reports

·         Notify about party and interchange agreement creation

·         Create Routing Endpoint search page

·         Create a page for JMS/WS Routing Endpoint management

·         Create a page for browsing Messages

·         Create a page to manage metadata


ADMINConsole Improvements

·         Deploy Admin Console as part of e-TrustEx EAR

·         Order drop down list



An updated version of the platform architecture document, of the installation guide and of the platform demo framework guide are available below.


If you have any question concerning this specific release or about the Open e-TrustEx platform, please feel free to contact us via the following mailbox