Open e-Trustex Web 3.2.0

7 months ago

eTrustEx is a project of the Directorate General for Informatics of the European Commission under the ISA2 Program.

e-TrustEx Web is a Web application offered to Public Administrations at European, national and regional level to set up secure exchange of digital documents by human users via standardized interfaces.

Main Features

•          Reusable and customisable cross-sector and open-source platform of the Interoperability Solutions for Public Administrations (ISA) Programme that is operational since 2011 and will be continued under ISA2 Programme.

•          It helps public administrations to securely exchange electronic documents (natively digital documents or scanned documents) and data with other public administrations.

•          It uses standardised messaging protocols and interfaces (interoperable).

•          It ensures a secure and trusted exchange of data/documents (integrity, authenticity, confidentiality)

•          It can be installed as a tool (by public administrations - MS) and used as a service (by the EU institutions).

•          Users can share documents (structured and unstructured) up to 5 GB.

•          Technical support for existing users and Member States willing to re-use the platform: this includes activities such as increasing the user request resolving time, support of deployment, integration, specifications of the technical interface and of the several components of the platform, debugging, testing, etc.

Browser Compatibility

e-TrustEx Web has been verified to be compatible with the following browsers:

Browser Required Version Additional information
Chrome 64  
Firefox 59 Requires the folowing two preferences to be enabled in about:config.
Edge 17  

Source code

The project source code is hosted on Github:


If you have any question concerning this specific release or about the Open e-TrustEx platform, please feel free to contact us via the following mailbox