Open eTrustEx beta-1.0.0

7 years ago

This is a first beta release of the Open e-TrustEx document exchange platform. The purpose of this beta release to demonstrate that the concept of e-PRIOR (exchange platform in the e-Procurement domain) could be extended to other domains, therefore it contains some dependencies on e-Procurement.

In the next release, important architectural rework will include several enhancements such as simplification in configuration and integration, as well as decoupling of domain specific development. 

To start using the software follow the guide.

Available services :

  • submitDocumentWrapper : Allows user to submit non structured documents (binaries).
  • retrieveDocumentWrapper: Allows user to retrieve a documentWrapper previously submitted
  • deleteDocumentWrapper: Allows user to delete a documentWrapper previously submitted
  • submitDocumentBundle: Allows user to submit metadata about  previously submitted documentWrappers
  • submitApplicationResponse: Allows user to submit an application response message to update the status of previously submitted documents
  • retrieveInterchangeAgreement: Allows Users to retrieve Interchange Agreements (Modelisation of a contract between 2 parties) configured in the system.
  • InboxRequest : Allows users to retrieve all the documents submitted for or by a given party (As summary).
  • retrieverequest: Allows users to retrieve a specific documents submitted for or by a given party (full document usually retrieved using the information from the inbox request service)
  • statusrequest: Allows users to retrieve the status of a specific document.

Technical Features:

The platform uses MTOM and HTTP chuncking to support large binaries. The platform is also meant to be modular and can be used to implement business services.
It is currently the base for the new 2.0 version of Open e-PRIOR.