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Open-eid software is a collection of software components offering support for PKI-based functionality, i.e. operations with different cryptographic tokens (e.g. eID cards), handling digitally signed documents, file encryption/decryption and signing and authentication in web environment. The ID-software comprises end-user applications, software libraries, web components, drivers for communicating with the cryptographic tokens and other complementary components.

open-eid software components can be logically divided in the following groups:

  • Desktop applications for end-users;
  • Software libraries for integrators/software developers to integrate the libraries’ functionality with third-party information systems/applications;
  • Web components for integrators/software developers to add the signature creation and authentication functionality in web environment to third-party web applications;
  • Drivers for communication with the cryptographic tokens that conduct the PKI operations;
  • Other (supportive) components for packaging, installation, updating and centrally managing changes of the configuration settings in software (with the central configuration service).

The desktop application for end users can be downloaded from https://installer.id.ee/?lang=eng

The application lets users sign documents in ASiC-E or BDOC format, validate documents (ASiC-E, BDOC, DDOC, PDF etc), encrypt documents and change their ID-card PIN-codes.

Drivers for end-users and web components for end users are also downloadable from https://installer.id.ee/?lang=eng

Two main software libraries are digidoc4j (Java) and libdigidocpp (C++). Both libraries allow digital signing, authenticating, encryption and decryption (additional cdoc4j library in Java). The libraries are open source and uploaded in GitHub. Read more about the libraries: https://www.id.ee/index.php?id=35779

Developers can find support from https://www.id.ee/index.php?id=30469

The applications mainly work with Estonian ID-card (and additional Estonian eID carriers such as digi-ID, mobile-ID etc). Foreigners can become Estonian e-residents and get an e-residency card, which carries the same eID chip as Estonian ID-cards. The card specification can be found here: https://www.id.ee/index.php?id=35772

DigiDoc4 Client (end-user software) also works with Finnish and Lithuanian eIDs.

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Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet
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e-Signature Creation Service
e-Signature Verification and Validation Service

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